Sunday, 22 August 2010

Goodbye holidays, Hello school

Despite the fact I kept an almost daily blog over at the family website for over 5 years, I'm currently experiencing bloggers' block. 

A quick run-through of what's been happening since my last post:

We went to see Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang at the Brunton Theatre (too saccharine or my tastes but Nigel got all teary-eyed).

Georgie turned 5 - a magical age - and we celebrated with a trip to Our Dynamic Earth.

We also went to East Links Farm.  It's a great place to spend a day but I'm not sure we'll be going back any time soon as Georgie was sick on the journey there (despite travel sickness tablets, a virtually straight road and constant fanning).  
For Nigel's birthday we went to North Berwick, had lunch outside in the lovely gardens of Poon Thais and a bit of shopping and a walk around the town.  The aviary in the Lodge Gardens is really lovely.  In my wilder moments I imagine something similar being installed at Cuthill Park.
During the summer break, the Small World shop has had a bit of a makeover thanks to contributions from B&Q, Prestonpans Community Council and an anonymous donor.  It's looking great and we can't wait to show off with a grand re-opening.

The girls went back to school last week , Georgie for the first time.  It was an emotional experience.  Predictably, everyone says to me "What are you going to do with yourself now?".  I can honestly say I'll have no problem finding things to do but I recently had a revelation: I'm going to be having lunch by myself for the first time ever.  That's going to be weird.

Yesterday we went to a Family Fun Day at Prestongrange Museum.  The weather was lovely and we had fun but I find with all these council-run events the same organisations take part year after year  - I think I could give the Ranger Service talk, I've heard it so often.  Having said that, we all loved the Music Mayhem workshop.  There's nothing like a bit of drumming to liften the spirits.  Best of all we were allowed to use the drumsticks on the huge metal machines....CLANG...CLANG..CLANG!

Yesterday also saw the implementation of a new feature of family life - the weekly family meeting.   It actually went really well.  The kids chose the subjects for discussion., we went over diaries and agreed menu plans.  Any Other Business included a request for ear-piercing which was considered and rejected (although it was agreed to try some magnetic earrings meantime).  Gawd, we sound like The Modern Parents!

Today we did some impromptu guerrilla gardening.  We took some newly unrooted perennials and planted them in the school planter which I cleared of nettles on Friday.  Walking to school Georgie began chanting "Guerrilla Gardeners!  Guerrilla Gardeners!"  She might be a schoolgirl now but she's a lot to learn about stealth missions.

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