Friday, 27 August 2010

Fruitful Discussions

On Thursday afternoon I helped Barbara in the school garden which was nice. I hadn't seen her since she visited with Rosie yonks ago.  Not that we had chance to catch up though - 22 P2 children had to learn the 'Garden Rules' in groups of 5 and 6.

Along with a few other parents, Nigel and I helped build the raised beds and the surrounding fence one weekend a few years ago.  It was brilliant to see the garden positively bursting with fruit and vegetables.   The small plum tree is laden with almost ripe fruit.

I was so proud of Georgie.  She behaved really well alongside the older children, speaking confidently, answering questions and venturing to eat a mint leaf.

I have seen more designs of raised beds than I would have ever thought possible.  Beds made of breeze blocks, 2 litre bottles, haybales...the list is endless. I really like the sleeper designer because it is wide enough to sit on.

I can't wait to get started with the Community Garden in Cuthill Park but we haven't yet agreed a layout for the garden or overall planting plan.

It's a far cry from guerrilla gardening but it is fun and at Thursday evening's Friends meeting we agreed a couple of work-in dates:

 Saturday 18th September - 1-6
Site clearance
Saturday 2nd October - 2 onwards
The Big Bulb Plant
Saturday 30th October - 2 onwards
Any outstanding jobs.

Today we learned we have been successful in our application for a Woodland Trust 'Jams, jellies, chutneys & cordials' tree pack which will be used to create an edible hedgerow in Nov.

In my own garden the first of the victoria plums are ripening so I was able to give some to Rachel and Peter when they visited from Harrogate.

Today, Georgie had a special tasting session of school dinners.  The choice was Macaroni Cheese or Mince and Tatties - two dishes we never have at home.

When I collected her she declared that "Lunch was brilliant.  It was potatoes and that other kind of mints".

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