Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wee Creatures

This morning we had a Bedroom Blitz - a huge clearout of clothes and extraneous belongings.  We made quite a bit of progress and regained some much needed space in the wardrobes.  We also found 'Fluffy' Georgie's toy puppy which had been lost since her birthday, i.e. the day she got it.

We interspersed the morning's chores with tea breaks and biscuits, all with a backdrop of punk.  As I sat with my cuppa I noticed we have a new stick insect nymph and a couple of eggs.

We were having Sunday tea when we heard the thud of a bird fly into the window.  It wasn't a big thud so I assumed the bird would have just flown away none the worse for his collision.  However, when Emily went to investigate she discovered a baby bird, shocked but alive.

I gently picked up Baby Bird in a tea towel and put in him a cardboard box.  The SSPCA (03000 999 999) advised leaving him in a dark, quiet room for an hour to see if he would recover. 

When we looked in on Baby Bird later he was moving about so we carried him to the front door and WHOOSH....he flew away.  Magic.

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