Thursday, 16 September 2010


We can mention the 'C' word from today.  No, not Catholicism......Christmas.  It is one hundred days until ConsumerFest.

Where possible I'm going to by handcrafted or vintage this year.  I might even make some of my own presents with help for cool sites like Craftbits or Cut Out and Keep.  For inspiration I like checking out the sites of talented folk like Just Something I Made and Whip Up.

Of course, I'll be visiting my favourite artists and outlets including Leah Halliday (I heart her hand stamped gift tags, fabric birds and cute tissue covers), Frugal Cool and, of course The Small World.

Other things catching my eye include:

Transport for London Shop - I love the Itchycoo Park\East Ham mug

Online marketplaces for up and coming designers are old hat nowadays but I still really like Not on the High Street for personalised gifts and Bouf for funky modern design.

I love love love Pedlars with its heady mix of vintage gems and boho chic.

Keri Smith is an extraordinary artist whose "Wreck This Journal" was a huge hit with Emily so I'll definately be revisting her site.

Lovi is a Finnish design company which creates enchanting 3 dimensional objects from birch plywood. Their trees make quite a statement but, unless I win the lottery in the near future, I can only stretch to their beautiful birds. 

Staying with the tree theme, and more in my price bracket, Adam Frank has some gorgeous wall stickers.

But what, I hear you ask, does the woman who has everything want for Christmas?  Ah, I'm so glad you asked.  I've drawn up a wee list... 
  • The slabs covering the old pond to be removed
  • Sewing machine tuition (and a sewing machine if at all possible)
  • Up-to-date photos of my nieces.
  • Project management for  Cuthill Park
  • More customers in The Small World
  • Health and happiness
Oh, and world peace

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  1. This is a nifty wee tool for working out how much you could save by Christmas if you cut out a few extras -


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