Thursday, 30 September 2010

Event Publicity

So, you're organising an event in Prestonpans - how do you let people know about it?

Here are a few event listing websites I use (in the order they tend to be ranked in Google):

Where Can We Go
Brit Events
Flock Local
S1 Play
East Lothian Buzz  - which probably generates the greatest response
Edinburgh 247
The List

I also use Netmums and Prestonpans.Com.

Unsurprisingly, the local church is great at 'spreading the word'.  A mention at the the church service or newsletter is a huge help.

The school is always happy to include community events in its newsletter and you can usually get them listed on the relevant edubuzz blog.

Posters have limited success in my opinion but I still put them up the Mercat Gait, the community centre, the Pennypit, Harlaw Hill Day Centre, the public toilets, the library, The Small World, Drum Mhor caravan park, Hall's newsagents, Aldhammer House.  (And one of these days I will track down an elusive email address for Prestonpans Community Council and find out how one goes about getting a flyer in the locked noticeboard on the high street.)

Emails and texts to the movers and shakers of Prestonpans is crucial, as is a mention in the two local papers: The East Lothian Courier and The East Lothian News.

That's just the legal stuff.  Guerrilla campaigning is another post...

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