Thursday, 23 September 2010

Harvest Festival

Nigel took the day of work to go the Harvest Festival assembly at the Infant School.  It was really nice.  The children spoke confidently and sang happily.

Rev Simpson talked about food shortages and produced a small map with a hole cut in the middle representing the band of countries round the middle of the earth where people routinely don't have enough to eat.  He then stepped through the map.  Yep, he used the old 'stepping through a piece of paper' parlour trip as demonstrated below.

In the Small World a new volunteer joined our happy team and started today.   Things have been tough in the shop recently but I think we are entering an exciting new phase.  Or perhaps the full moon or Jupiter or something is making me crazily optimistic (and just a teeny bit restless).

Lucy is really keen to look through her binoculars at the night sky.  It was too misty to glimpse the Harvest Moon this evening so I put on  'Uncle Milton Moon in My Room' instead.

I really enjoyed Alan Davies' Teenage Revolution and it's coverage of the Poll Tax march.  One of the first political pamphlets (we didn't call them 'zines' then)  I read was Poll Tax Riot: 10 Hours That Shook Trafalgar SquareI still remember "I Booked A Babysitter" - one woman 's account of the riot which which marked the beginning of the end of the Thatcher years.

hαppψ αu†umη εΩuïη⊕x!

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