Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Has H&S gone mad?...and other stupid questions

It is Ask a Stupid Question Day.  "What's 'Ask a Stupid Question Day'?" I hear you ask - well, doh, it's well, oh, JFGI.

I have used 118 118 to find the location of the nearest cash machine in an unfamiliar town but they are used to getting far stranger enquiries.  You can see what people are asking at the 118 118 Live Feed.  When I took a look, the strangest question was "How can I contact Jeremy Kyle?" (Please don't).

Danger! This Product Contains CHOCOLATE STICKS!
I'm considering calling to ask how many confectionery-related fatalities have been recorded.  I scoffed a box of Matchmakers the other day which contained a lame game printed on the packaging.  The game involved standing a Matchmaker stick on its end and guessing which of the four segments it would land on (why???).

The game was accompanied by the following warning:

"Please act responsibility and carefully in order to avoid injuring yourself or others when playing games."

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