Thursday, 30 September 2010

Relocation Relocation

Today I went to Lidl to buy their cheap pansies and walked back past the newly-opened florists which were also selling pansies.  Wracked with guilt at not having "shopped local" I went in and bought some lilies, freesia and gypsophila.

This afternoon at school, Barbara and I uplifted lots of strawberry plants and a clump of chrysanthemums which were taking up too much room in the vegetable bed.  We replanted them in one of the huge tyres in the playground - only to discover it is to be removed.  Ho hum.  It serves us right for taking a guerrilla approach but I couldn't help thinking that of all the empty planters in the playground (there's at least eight) we chose the one destined for removal!

But...I'm an activist,  not a moanivist, so the kids and I returned to the playground after school and replanted them to in the half barrels dotted about the playground.


I have finally gotten round to reading Ed Miliband's speech.  I particularly liked

"We have a responsibility to leave our world a better place and never walk by on the other side of injustice."  

(One injustice bugging me is the £42 BILLION lost to the UK economy through tax dodging by the super-rich.    Sign a petition here.)

The highlight of the day was hearing and seeing the Pink Footed Geese overhead.  Lucy remains unconvinced that they come here to escape the cold and was trying to convince me they were Scottish birds on the way to Africa.

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