Sunday, 26 September 2010

Stitched Up

It hasn't been a very nice weekend.

Daughter #1 has been trying to orchestrate an argument for days.  She has been petulant, rude and temperamental.  And of course, in a family of five this means that Daughters #2 & #3 get overlooked while #1 is having a diva strop and the grown-ups end up miserable and exhausted.

I escaped briefly today to visit the Prestonans Tapestry.  It is very impressive.  The quality of crafts(wo)manship involved is incredible.  It was really lovely to see panels which had been stitched by talented friends.

And, no, this is not a picture of the Prestonpans Tapestry - it is from  MorgueFile which offers free stock images for either corporate or public use.  Unfortunately, I can't reproduce an image of the Prestonpans Tapestry here without paying a whopping fee to 'partner' organisations.  You can however, see a slideshow of the tapestry here.

I really hope the tapestry finds a permanent home so I can visit it again and appreciate it fully.  I hope the stitchers involved are justly proud of themselves and that their work gets the attention and audience it deserves.  So often 'community' projects get hijacked by 'partner' organisations with their own agenda.

Top of my agenda is housework.  I have been informed that my in-laws will be visiting.  ETBA (Estimated Time of Broomstick Arrival) TBC.  This means I have to clean, clean, clean.  Cue more tantrums and arguments.

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