Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

It rained heavily this morning and I got drenched after walking to school with the girls.  But, SHOCK...HORROR.....I didn't melt away, dissolve or otherwise deteriorate in the downpour.

Inevitably there is always more traffic on the road during bad weather - and the drivers don't appear to reduce their speed to take account for the road conditions. 

I was very pleased to see one of the screen thingies that displays the speed of the passing vehicles outside the neighbouring school this morning.  

"29 MPH - Thank You"
Now if we could just convince some more parents to walk or car share.  Or perhaps parents could be paid to walk to school. 

Can you get grant funding for bribery?  I'm going to check out East Lothian 4 Community website...

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