Sunday, 5 September 2010

A varied week


Georgie started school full time today so I found myself for the first time ever, having lunch all by myself.  It was a pleasant day so I sat outside with only the guinea pig and 4 butterflies for company.  Weird.


All my work yesterday shampooing the hall carpet was undone today and there are now great muddy footprints.  Proof, if it were needed that housework is really a complete waste of time.  I'm going to view it as a sign that I shouldn't try it again.


Good News: I received a letter from Lidl saying they would contribute £20 worth of goods for Cuthill Park.
Bad News: I received the letter after I had already been out to the shops.
Good News:  Twenty quid goes a long way in Lidl.  I purchased a garden spade, a pair of telescopic shears and heavy duty garden sacks which will be very useful over the next few weekends as we attempt to smarten up the park.
Bad News: My beautiful walk home from the shops was ruined by dumped items on the beach.

Seeing the swing and office chair dumped on the beach demonstrates the need to have a skip when we do our 2-day clear up of the beach and park next week.  East Lothian Council don't seem to realise that the kind of rubbish we are likely to encounter won't fit into a pink refuse sack, and have yet to even  return my phone calls.

In the evening I met up with Tequila Mockingbirds Jan H, Carmel and Tracy at the Thorntree for a gin and tonic and a blether.  Jan had brought with her Tom's drawing of Cuthill Park.  I love it!


I took advantage of a visit from my sister to make a long overdue trip to the hairdressers.  The girls loved being collected by their Auntie Laura - and I was grateful for the opportunity to get my roots done in pinkissimo.

While we waited for the 124 with Laura, we replaced Percy on the roof of the bus shelter. 

It was all hands on deck this morning in the Small World as our 'Tuesday' delivery only arrived yesterday afternoon and we need to showcase the new stock at the grand re-opening on Monday.  Fortunately, we had an extra pair of hands in the shape of Laura, our newest and youngest volunteer.


After a slow start to the day, Nigel and the girls went swimming while I read The Infinities up in the Spectators' Gallery.
 (which doubles as a sauna).

We had deliberately left the day free as both Nigel and I are pretty exhausted.  The problem with this is that we end up having a day without focus and everyone gets a bit fed up with each other.

Reminder to self:  The North Berwick - Edinburgh trains will not be running for the next four weekends (replacement bus service is not much cop for our motion-sickness kids).

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