Wednesday, 22 September 2010

World Car-Free Day

When people discover that I don't drive the next thing they say is always "How do you get to the Fort?".  My stock response is "I don't really need to go to the Fort".  It was ironic then that today on World Car-Free Day, I visited the retail park. 

Heather the Blether and I went for coffee in Thornton's  - I never knew Thornton's had coffee shops!  I tried not to think about the calories (the Treacle Tart was absolutely wonderful).  Then we had a look round Clintons (mass produced awfulness - best avoided). 

Our final trip was to Asda where I was quite restrained buying only a laundry basket (which I plan to use as a garden trug) and a pack of recycled paper plus some groceries.  Generally speaking, when I'm grocery shopping I don't like to be overwhelmed by a huge choice but I enjoyed the novelty of being in an enormous superstore.  And it was nice to catch up over a coffee.

I was pleased I was able to buy a bag of pine nuts (which had eluded me in Lidl) because Emily was making homemade pesto tonight. 

It is the second night Emily has prepared dinner.  Last night's homemade tomato soup was seriously good.  Tonight's dinner was a deliciously carb-heavy Pepperoni Pasta with a side dish of Pesto Toast on crusty bread with roasted peppers and mozzarella. 

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