Thursday, 21 October 2010

Apple Day

Apple Day (21 October), an event initiated by Common Ground in 1990, is an annual celebration of apples, orchards and local distinctiveness.

Apples have been cultivated in East Lothian for over 200 years. The county even has it's own variety, the East Lothian Pippin, recorded in 1881 from Tyninghame Gardens.  More recently, the Prestonlinks Woodland Group planted Oslin and Scotch Bridget varieties at the newly created community orchard near the coal store in Prestonpans.

Abundance Edinburgh is and wonderful organisation which collects surplus fruit grown in the city and puts it to good use.  It also has a great apple identification chart here.

The Fruitful Porty scheme lets you order apple, pear, plum and cherry trees at sub­sid­ised prices through PEDAL. Download the fruit tree list (or order online).  Deadline is Monday 25th October.

Another great foody resources is Forage - a map of edibles in public spaces.

Children's Orchard is all about getting children outside planting and growing and making the future for healthy and fruitful.

Roots and Fruits school gardening blog documents Barbara's sessions at East Lothian schools where children are taught about how to grow fruit and vegetables.
Apples in Scotland: A Practical Guide to Choosing and Growing Our Favourite Fruit by John Butterworth (2001) lists all the known Scottish apple varieties.  They have brilliant names: Bloody Ploughman, Coul Blush, Lass O'Gowrie...

We were given a bag of apples from Christine & Malcolm's garden (proud owners of James Grieve, Lord Derby, White Melrose and Peasgood's Nonsuch varieties!) and have been celebrating Apple 'Day' ever since!

The apple biscuits were a bit of an experiment (one egg, some flour, some porridge oats, some oil, sugar, honey, grated apple) but they turned out lovely and chewy.

Other than eating apples, I haven't 'celebrated' Apple Day.  Hopefully, we can do something a bit more community-centred next year (although a quick google tells me that 21/10/2011 is "the end of the world".  Cor(e) blimey).

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