Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cultcha Vultcha

It is amazing that you can walk out of Haymarket Station, cross the road, walk up Magdala Crescent, walk down some steps...and see a heron in the Water of Leith.  Amazing.

Some day we will do the 6 Times trail of all the Gormley sculptures but today we were visiting the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art so only saw the contemplative figure (#2) in the river and the one (#1) sticking out of the pavement outside the main entrance to the SNGMA.

In the main gallery, Robert Therrian's 'Table and Four Chairs' was quite an arresting sight.  The last time I saw something on a giant scale was Ron Mueck's huge human sculptures at the National Gallery in 2006.   There was a special Big Draw event and kids were asked to draw something for a giant's tea party.   

The girls love the Serpentine-esque lake and pretend that Eduardo Paolozzi's Master of the Universe is a Cyberman. 

We saw another Paolozzi artwork in the form of the stained glass in St Mary's cathedral before making our way home and watching the real Cybermen on tv.

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