Thursday, 21 October 2010

Cuthill Community Garden: an update

On Sunday we went for a walk to Cuthill Park to take a look at the Lowes Market Garden mural.  It is really lovely, as is the collaborative painting 'Cuthill Garden'  Both were painted as part of The Big Draw.

The murals aren't the only new thing in the park: the area earmarked for the community garden has been flattened by a digger loaned from Cockenzie Power Station.  Lorraine and her colleagues from Mobex have kindly strimmed away the area along the metal fence ready for planting some hedging. 
My own vegetable patch is made from a couple of pallet collars found on a litter pick.  They are perfect for building raised beds and, as they are stackable, would be great for making potato towers.  Coming back from Ednburgh on the train I spied a whole heap of them on one of the building sites.  Now, if I could just persuade someone to deliver them to Cuthill Park, we will have ourselves a ready-made community garden!

Next work-in day: Friday 22 Oct, 1p.m.  taking delivery of compost and filling the half barrels.  Family-friendly, come along and help.

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