Thursday, 21 October 2010

Half Term, Half-way, Half-demented

Before the October holidays began, I stocked up on craft bits and pieces at Borders Scrap Store.  On the first day they were off, I let the girls have free rein with my paper, googley eyes, feathers, buttons, ribbons, beads - even the dreaded glitter.

They had great fun until it was time to clear away at which point they began watching television and began squabbling.  And squabbling.   When Nigel came home I went out for a walk round the block to preserve my sanity.

I firmly believe that any time outside is good therapy and the second day was much better.  We spent much of it outside in the garden, weeding, digging up the vegetable bed and rehoming the feverfew and marigolds. 

  In the afternoon we made seedbombs using my new formula.  Red clay powder appears only to be sold in huge bags at great expense.  Previously, other guerrilla gardeners have been kind enough to share a stash with me but, after a bit of research I decided some bentonite-based cat litter would be a good enough substitute.  Kitty litter has the advantage of 'clumping' which makes rolling a doddle.  Also, the version I used had a baby powder scent.

How to make a Purrfect Seedbomb
Mix 1 part seeds (we used native non-invasive wildflower mix) , 3 parts compost, 3 parts bentonite-based cat litter, stir then slowly add, 2 parts water.  Mixture should resemble brownie dough.  Form into marble-sized pieces.  Dry for 24 hours.  

As they are going to be given an Christmas presents, we decorated little boxes to put them in.  

It was spectacularly messy (and again, the girls left me to do the tidying up).

All in all it was a happy day.  The postie brought a copy of Anorak magazine (advertised as 'The Happy Magazine for Kids') which Emily loved.  The illustrations are fab.  

I took delivery of another roll of vintage wallpaper to add to my collection.  You can never have too much orange/green/brown swirly patterned stuff.
On the third day of the holidays, I had to catch up on some hauswhiffery so let the girls watch the Sarah Jane Adventures.  Later this afternoon we went out for a walk/cycle/peramulation.  Lucy and Georgie both took dolls in prams while Emily cycled.  We went along the old road and tracked down the Drum-mohr geocache.

In the evening Nigel and I watched Blood Diamonds. Not exactly an uplifting feelgood film.

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