Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lucy's special day

With three children you are inevitably outnumbered, invariably outsmarted and,  quite often, simply run out of hands, parents and ears.  To make sure each child gets some quality time with a grown-up, we have a 'special day'.  Today was Lucy's special day which she chose to spend with me.

After a shift in the Small World (first purchase of the day=keyring), we caught the train to Edinburgh.  First stop was Toddle In to buy some caramels.  Second stop in Cockburn Street was a tiny shop called Enchantment that sold incense sticks, dreamcatchers, polished stones and other new age, ahem, items.  Lucy bought a fairy/pixie/angel thingy (it had wings).

In the Royal Mile we ventured into the PDSA where an oinking, flashing plastic keyring took her fancy.  From there we went to Forsyth's Tea Room for afternoon tea of ham sandwiches, scones and cake.  Then came the first disappointment of the day: The Edinburgh Brass Rubbing Centre, which Lucy had especially asked to go to, was closed for the season.  Undeterred, we went to the wonderful Scottish Storytelling Centre where Lucy enjoyed playing with dressing up box.  I really loved the 'Painted Stories from Bengal' exhibition of scroll paintings by Gurupada Chitrakar.

Without a plan, we sauntered down Jeffrey Street until Lucy spotted a sign for Old St Paul's Scottish Episcopal Church and we spent quite a bit of time there (she's going through a godbothering phase).  I'm glad we went in - it is a beautiful building which you could easily walk past (there's an interesting piece about the congregation's links to Prestonpans and the Jacobite Rebellion here).

Next we went to the Church of St Claire's Accessories (five items for a fiver) followed by a visit to the Parish of Poundland (loads of tat include self-adhesive moustaches).

Back in  Prestonpans, we were reunited with Emily and Nigel when we went to the Community Centre to collect Georgie from a classmate's birthday party.

It was a special day.  However, as an antidote to the unimaginative stuff I saw (and bought!) today, I will spend some time perusing the rather splendid Supermarket.  I'm loving the weird Geemo toy and the cute Wiener Dog.

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