Thursday, 7 October 2010

There once was a grrl from Nantucket....

In celebration of National Poetry Day, here is one of my favourites:

We shall not escape Hell, my passionate
sisters, we shall drink black resins––
we who sang our praises to the Lord
with every one of our sinews, even the finest,

we did not lean over cradles or
spinning wheels at night, and now we are
carried off by an unsteady boat
under the skirts of a sleeveless cloak,

we dressed every morning in
fine Chinese silk, and we would
sing our paradisal songs at
the fire of the robbers'camp,

slovenly needlewomen, (all
our sewing came apart), dancers,
players upon pipes: we have been
the queens of the whole world!

first scarcely covered by rags,
then with constellations in our hair, in
gaol and at feasts we have
bartered away heaven,

in starry nights, in the apple
orchards of Paradise
––Gentle girls, my beloved sisters,
we shall certainly find ourselves in Hell!

(Marina Tsvetaeva )

Poetry is everywhere.   It's in the discarded shopping lists and altered adverts, it's in the misspelled graffitto and the lost love letters.  If you want to discover some I advise looking up.  Alternatively, you could just look up the Global Poetry System.

D/Anger on Global Poetry SystemBowl of Welly Boots. on Global Poetry System

The girls bought books from their respective school book fairs today: 

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