Sunday, 31 October 2010

Samhain, Halloween, BST and all that

It has been a trying day.  Child #1 has entered into the spirit of Halloween and has behaved like an absolute horror all day.  Strangely, my parenting skills were top notch.  I remained calm while she ranted and raved.  It is flipping exhausting though.

I usually like the day the clocks go back as you keep forgetting and thinking it's later than it is.  Not today though, it just felt like Groundhog day.  Weekend are becoming stressful.

Reasons to be cheerful:
I fixed Nigel's watch with duct tape, so I no longer have to buy him this one.
Railroad Rush hour is an unexpected hit
We packed two backpacks for the Mary's Meal/Backpack Project, and will probably manage to fill a few more if we look around bedrooms, cupboards and garage.

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