Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Self-seeding Annuals

(This post won't be of much interest to anyone else- sorry!)

I've been thinking about the garden.  I love foxgloves and quite like the feverfew that grows readily in my garden.  I'm not so wild about the marigold and regularly remove Lady's Mantle and Miss Wilmott's Ghost. 
I'm not only a frugal gardener, I'm a lazy one so I like the idea of sowing annuals known for self-seeding. My longlist for next year:

Lobularia maritima
Euphorbia marginata 

Centaurea cyanus
Nigella damascena

Tropaeolum majus
Clarkia pulchella
Lathyrus odoratus 

Calliopsis Coreopsis tinctoria
Rudbeckia hirta

Verbena bonariensi

I'm not even sure if they all grow in the UK so this list is likely to change!

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