Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I can't remember it snowing on previous birthdays but my Let it Be* birthday will be forever known as the snowed-in birthday.

My original plan had been to go to Haddington with Nigel and have lunch at the Peter Potter Gallery but the schools were closed because of the snow so we all stayed home.

I received some wonderful presents:

Forbidden Places - a beautiful photographic exploration of our abandoned heritage.  I love it! During his day to Edinburgh with Georgie, Nigel had made a special trip to "Russian and Baltic Food" in Leith Walk to buy me some caviar.  And, I'm not sure where he managed to hide a box of Thornton's Premium Collection - it's massive!  On our last trip to Glasgow, Nigel bought me a Liquorice Allsorts bracelet at Supermercado in the Barras.  He also bought me a 2010 Guerrilla Gardening Lavender Pllow - what a cool husband!

My mum  bought me a new salwar kameez, some Cath Kidston rose hearts, some curiously named 'love tea' - all in a beautiful upcycled rice bag.  I received a beautiful art deco style ring from Laura.

There was no post yesterday because of the snow but today I received a wee box of handmade biscuits (definately worth waiting for...yum), some rose granules and The Playground Potting Shed (excellent bit of re-gifting) from Rachel.

Yesterday the school being closed was a bit of a novelty and we passed the time watching "Kind Hearts and Coronets" and making Christmas decorations. 

Today I really should have caught up with some housework but as I seem to have caught a cold, I decided to Let It Be.

*Paul McCartney sings "Let it Be" 41 times in the song.

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  1. Did I mention Yorkshire Tea sent me a card and a teabag?


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