Saturday, 20 November 2010

Emily's special day

I'd prefer the Cameo to the soul-less freezing Screen 1 of the Omni, even in 'VIP' seats.  But today was Emily's day to have a treat so we loaded up on pic+mix and Sprite and went to see some film about a boy wizard.

I wonder if the people professing to be 'movie buffs' have any cinematic experience other than some blockbuster at Vue (like those who equate going to see The Gruffalo - or anything by Cameron Mackintosh -  as 'theatre)'.

After Harry Potter we had a walk around the St James Centre.  It was bustling with shoppers.  I enjoyed a look around John Lewis but my trip to Claire's Accessories (2 x necklaces + 1 hairband) and Poundland was under duress.  We had lunch at the Turkish Kitchen in Rose Street which was pleasant enough.  The complimentary starter of pitta and couscous was a nice touch.

(TIP: If you don't want to be bothered by chuggers and other sales people, "Sorry, I'm having a special day with my daughter" works like a get out of jail free card.)

In the station I picked up a copy of the Changeworks booklet 'Too Good To Waste' - quite appropriate as today is the start of EU Waste Reduction Week.

The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child came into force 20 years ago today. There is a wonderful pdf booklet setting out the rights in child-friendly language here.

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