Saturday, 6 November 2010

Enterprise and Surprise in Glasgow

I have to confess to having a love/hate thing going with Glasgow.  I think of the 'Dear Green Place' as a proverbial curate's egg - rotten, but parts of it are excellent.

The first excellent stop today was The Spoon Cafe in the Trongate.  It is a riot of pretty mismatched saucers, starburst clocks and cardboard cutout of Elvis.  It is fine balance between kitsch* and clutter and the Travelling Spoon gets it spot on.  The coffee was decent too and the millionaire shortbread very good).  I wasn't sure if the books on the bookshelf were for sale/swap/bookcross but a few caught my eye including The Last Family in England.

...and why don't more eateries have hand sanitisers as you go in? - it makes sense.

One of the things I love about Glasgow is its active craft mafia.  There's a lot of diy-guerrilla type stuff happening that just wouldn't happen in Edinburgh.

Supermercado is Glasgow's only weekly indie marketplace.  It is the latest venture of the Made in the Shade creative gals (design, neo-craft and vintage lifestyle).  It takes place every Saturday in the courtyard of the newly refurbished Barras Centre (not to be confused with the Glasgow Antiques Market, McIvers, Marketland or Stevenson Street Market - all of which, frankly, are shit).

Stalls included Florence Box Jewellery upcycled charm bracelets, necklaces and brooches; Jennifer Lockwood's ceramics; acrylic accessories from Suzy Loves; vintage inspired jewellery and quirky finds from Made by Morag (I loved the Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets).

 We bought toffee apples from Zoe Makes Cakes,a lucky back from Suzy Loves, strawberry cheesecake cupcakes from Flamingo Bakers (who gave us a lovely goody bag); Buried Treasure Soap and got a couple of free samples from Purple Herb.  We were given a goodie bag from - a review community. 

And of course we had a look round the new MITS HQ with its awesome vintage wallpaper staircase.  We had a lovely time and hope Supermercado brings a new vibe to the Barras markets.**

All that shopping worked up an appetite so we went to The Urban Pind in Candleriggs.  WOW! The lunchtime thali menu is excellent value.  My vegetable korma was lovely.  The restaurant has a little bridge over a reservoir of fish.  The girls were so happy when the staff invited them to feed the fish from the bridge.  The bridge wasn't the only striking design feature: colourful seats, swing, mannequin and mirrored mosaic pillars added some bling.  Everything about The Urban Pind was excellent: the decor, the staff, the food, the music.  I can't recommend it highly enough.

*If you don't know the difference you might want a look at Kitsch or Not
**For the purpose of balance I must add that I'm looking forward to going to Edinburgh's Magpie Market one of these days (next one 12th December, The Grassmarket).

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