Monday, 8 November 2010

School Dinners!

I loved school dinners.  I particularly loved the puddings and custard.  The East Lothian schools are on a two-week menu rotation.  The puddings of my youth have been largely replaced with fruit and yoghurt but it's still a nice menu:

Week 1:
Monday: Salmon Fishfingers & Chips/Macaroni Cheese
Tuesday: Chicken Curry & Boiled Rice/Veggie Stovies
Wednesday: Steak Pie & Boiled Potatoes/Cook's Veggie Choice
Thursday: Roast Chicken & Mash Potatoes/Quorn Burger

Week 2:

Monday: Haddock & Chips/Veggie Spag Bol
Tuesday: Roast Beef & Yorkshires/Cook's Veggie Choice
Wednesday: Breaded chicken and wedges/cheese & fruit salad
Thursday: Mince & Tatties/Veggie Pizza

The 8th to 12th November 2010 is National School Meals Week and the I Love School Meals website has
 range of downloadable foody activity sheets.

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