Sunday, 12 December 2010

Cool Cauld Reekie

Our day in freezing Edinburgh began with a birl on the big wheel - part of Winter Wonderland.  I can't stand heights and just watching them was nausea-inducing. 

It didn't help that Emily kept saying "Look, Georgie's leaning out".
I was much happier in the lower ground level of the City Art Centre where the In Our Own Image exhibition, on the rather broad theme of representing the human image, was taking place.  While we looked around the artworks (my faves included those by Peter Howson and Victoria Crowe), the girls created their own masterpieces in the 'activity studio' - a brilliant free, drop-in kids zone with baskets labelled 'shiny paper', 'shiny stars', 'metallic pens' and so on.

The City Cafe, run by Cater Edinburgh, is a rare find - a place with a grown-up interesting menu, that is also welcoming to kids.  The children had brownies and smoothies while the grown-ups had chocolate chilli cheesecake (and I had the best cappuccino I've had in a long time ).  Next time I'm going to try the iced chocolate and beetroot cake.

Whenever we're in the Old Town we like to go to the Potterrow supermarket to stock up on Gits Dal Vada and any spices we are running low on.  If we lived nearer I would buy a different bag of basmati each time just for the wonderful packaging.  One small sack was zipped and made of jute - it would have made a perfect bag.  Actually, it is very similar to the bag my mum bought be for my birthday - she obviously knows my tastes quite well!

From the Southside we took a walk down to the Grassmarket.  We bought a couple of things in Musafir (sparkly pens, incense sticks and a bracelet with Jesus on it).   The shopping spree continued at The Lot where the Magpie Market was in full swing.  Wooden Tree was there and having admired their fabric antlers at Made in the Shade's Summertime Hop and Springtime Jamboree, we decided to buy a set today (it's Nigel's Christmas present to me).  We had a look at Avalanche's sparkly new home and said hi to Ali (experimental weird-ass shit & new remedial noises since 1997) Robertson before having a look round the lovely things in Barnardo's Vintage.  I bought a weird plaster wall plaque depicting a man on horseback wielding a sword or a bargainous £1.39.  Other strange/ugly purchases included a collector doll wearing (possibly) Ukrainian national dress and a wooden tuskless elephant.

We warmed up with some food at the Mosque Kitchen - a nice way to end a a cool, but freezing day in the capital.

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