Friday, 3 December 2010


After five days of doing not too much I've got a horrible feeling that this week was a wasted opportunity.  I could have tidied the house.  I could have batched cooked.  I could have prepared lesson plans for the girls (don't laugh, I know some mums who will definately have done this).

Today's lessons included geometry, telling the time, tying bows and teamwork.  Okay, so we just made dreamcatchers but it was kinda educashional.

While we having lunch, Georgie pointed to the window and said "Look, lapwing!".  I looked at the thrush sitting in our rowan tree and said "No, that's a thrush.  I'm not actually sure what a lapwing looks like".

"No, there....waxwings!" she insisted.  Sure enough 14 waxwings had settled on a tree.  I'd make a rubbish teacher and I'm a crap housewife but I must be doing something right.

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