Thursday, 2 December 2010


It's still snowy. The schools are still off.  And the world hasn't come to an end.  

On the contrary, there are more people about than usual and because no-one can drive anywhere, they are forced to shop local, on foot.  For the most part, people are cheery, if a little panicky about the shortage of milk and bread.

Inevitably, some events have had to be cancelled which is disappointing but must have a tremendous financial implications for the business concerned.   The Small World is still open but some volunteers are snowed in.  Luckily our flashing LED sign arrived this week (hurrah for the posties!) and I hung it in the window today.  If the sign is on, we are in!

At home we all worked together to tidy the kids' bedrooms.  It didn't take as long as I thought - what a difference.  It hasn't been all hard work and no play though - we have had fun as well!  The girls have been using all my craft supplies to make Christmas decorations, and this afternoon I made another batch of seedbombs using the cat litter method.

I was pleased to learn that Prestonpans has its own online radio station - Prestongrange Radio. You can listen online and can send requests by email  or phone 0844 209 6998.  Please support them.

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