Thursday, 9 December 2010

Things Change

Along with "pick that up" and "stop doing that", one of the things I regularly tell the kids is "things change" - which I guess is a sanitized version of "shit happens - deal with it".

It's been a mantra worth bearing in mind recently as the snow has put paid to plans and we have had to be more flexible than usual.  Deliveries are now being made but the shops still haven't got much in and I'm beginning to tire of my beloved puy lentils.

For a change I went to The Filling Station (163 High Street, Prestonpans) for lunch.  I've been once before and can attest that their scones are as delicious as they are massive - i.e. very - but I get overwhelmed by choice and it always seems so busy.  Today though the choice was an obvious one: The Christmas Special.  My festive baguette contained hot roast turkey, sage & onion stuffing, chipolatas, peat smoked bacon, cranberry jelly and lashings of gravy.  Mmmm.  Delish and a very reasonable £5

Weatherwise, changes are afoot as the snow is beginning to melt and the public has been warned about the danger of icicles falling from eaves.    Health & Safety edicts drive me insane.  In yet another example of creeping infantilization, volunteers in The Small World have been advised against using the walk-in safe in case we get locked in (we have managed to avoid this fate for 25 years).

I'm thinking of changing our newspaper order.  The local papers make me really cross sometimes.  So often, the front page 'news' is little more than an exercise in mud-slinging.  One welcome piece of news however was the Council's change of heart about objecting to the construction of a gas-fired power station at Cockenzie.  If approved, the project would create 500 much needed temporary jobs.  I wasn't the only one getting het up about current affairs.  Nigel has not been able to get into work and today watched the televised tuition fee debate - getting angrier and angrier.  Yes, things change, like LibDems into Tories.

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