Friday, 14 January 2011

Listen to reason

My colleague's hearing aid was playing up this morning which made for an interesting shift!  We had some amusing misunderstands and we laughed a lot. 

Considerably less amusing  is trying to communicate with people who can hear but won't listen.

The worst culprits are Leos.  Really, listen here...according to Your New Star Sign, Leos are "not very bright and compensate for their lack of intelligence with poor people skills".

New research has discovered that because of the Moon's gravitational pull on the Earth, we have been mis-calculating what sign the sun is in for much of the year.

It is particularly confusing for some Sagittarians ("full-bellied, with a tendency to flatulence") who now have new star sign, Ophiuchus ("well turned out, excellent carpenters").

No of course I don't believe in astrology but I do love chana dhal and bombay potatoes (hence the 'full belly') so, this evening, we marked the sun's transition into Capricorn with a Makar Sankranti feast and some wonderfully syrupy sweet soan papdi. 

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