Saturday, 15 January 2011


I first started blogging in April 2005.  It wasn't a blog proper, it had no rss feed or comments, it was basically an online journal hosted at our family website.

I can't emphasise enough what a relief it was for me to have an outlet to rant, rave, document and generally record life's trial, tribulations and small wonders.

In common with other people living with depression (or aspergers or shyness or PND or whateverlabelyouwantohangonpeople) I didn't always get the balance right between privacy and honesty.

I never exactly forgot I was writing in the public domain but I didn't think anyone would give a damn what I thought.  How wrong I was.

The already unfriendly playground mafia became downright hostile and for a while I stopped publishing my blog.

Another big reason for stopping blogging at the family site was that my extended family would read it (which was fine) but then felt that they were up-to-date with my life and didn't make quite as much effort to keep in touch.  I could understand this.  They felt like they were in touch but it was a one-way thing.

That's were Eltbus Glob came in. It wasn't anonymous, but sufficiently removed from the family website for me to feel a bit more at ease and re-engage with my extended family via good old-fashioned telephone calls.

So this is my final posting at Eltbus Glob but you will find me over at with the rest of the Barkers.

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