Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Nerd Duh*

* This is post #100/hundred and while it is not momentous, it is fairly typical of my humdrum life chez Eltbus Towers.

This morning, Mo and I had a long blether in the Pitstop Cafe - five minutes away from school.  On my way home, as soon as I reached the furthest point away from school, my mobile rang.  Lucy was unwell so I retraced my steps and collected her.

When we returned home I could smell a struck match sulphury smell.  I traced it to the control panel for the alarm which was really, really hot.  I telephoned the alarm engineer who came around and replaced the battery.  What would I have done if I couldn't have got hold of him?  What do you do if you have a very hot appliance you are unable to switch off?  Do you phone 999 and say "there isn't a fire but..."?  Answer on a postcard please.

Nigel brought home an ancient O'Reilly Email guide that the hospital library were giving away. What a cool/nerdy/thoughtful husband I have!  I'm going to use it for crafting.  I think I'll make envelopes in an ironic snail mail v. electronic mail sorta way.

We had a surprisingly simple and pleasant tea.  I've been sprouting red clover seeds in a jar for three days and today mixed them in with peppers, cabbage, carrot, apple and pine nuts and had a really tasty wrap.

After tea we played Doctor Who Top Trumps (you can claim free Football Top Trumps here); Mini Makit Toy and hama beads (who invented those?!).  Taking advantage of everyone's good mood, I suggested we do a spot of bedroom tidying accompanied by Lady Gaga.

When it was time to get ready for bed we could hear "Rah, rah, ah, ah, ah, Roma, roma, ma" from Lucy's room.
"Lucy, it's time to get your pyjamas on" Nigel reminded her.
"Awwww, but I just really love singing" she wailed.
Clearly she is feeling better.

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