Thursday, 6 January 2011

Prestonpans Puzzle

Every Wednesday the family has an evening away from the television.  We get out the board games, jigsaws and puzzles and have a 'games night'.

One of our favourite games is a single-player game called Railroad Rush Hour.

Trains are placed on the grid as indicated on each puzzle card. The object is to steer your red loco through the gridlock to the exit.  What's great about it is that solving the puzzle has nothing to do with intelligence but needs patience and logic.  It's often the case that where an adult struggles to manoevre obstacles, a child can solve it in a few moves.

I think we bought it from the Happy Puzzle Company as one of their bargain bundles (great for stockpiling for birthday presents).  It has been discontinued but many very similar Rush Hour games exist.

Since stopping watching Eastenders, we've been enjoying evening more screen-free evenings.  Last night however, we decided to play some online quizzes at Sporcle.  It was good unifying fun - and so much more difficult than it looks (who could have guessed I would fail to name ten 3-letter body parts in 2 minutes?!).

Here is a puzzle for you:

We were sent this photo by someone researching their family history.  The sender thinks it was taken pre-WW2, probably 1938 and possibly at a Miners' Gala.

Is this Prestonpans? 

Do you recognise any of the (presumably demolished) buildings?

What about the dapper young chap?


  1. Not sure if this is the old red school down the bottom, Im also not liking eastenders at the mo, think the story line is out of order.

  2. Hmmm....could be. Or it could be a long since demolished building (grey school?). I've tried looking at the photo alongside Google Streetview but can't make any sense of it.

    Hope Eastenders comes to its senses soon!


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