Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Taxing Times

There are some days when you shouldn't get out of bed, let alone the house, and today has been one of them.

I ventured outside for the first time since before Christmas (excluding trip to surgery+pharmacist), only for Georgie to fall straight into a pile of dog mess.  Lovely.

In a repeat of last year, Nigel went to work only to find he was locked out.  The train on his return journey was cancelled and he had to get a replacement coach.

When he got home I ordered him to put his feet up and have a well-earned rest - no, that's not true - I got him to build my raised vegetable bed. 

I can't wait to start 'growing my own'.  Fortunately, vegetable and fruit seeds, tubers and bulbs are zero-rated for VAT which increased today to a record 20%.   38 Degrees'  'Tax Dodger Ads' appeared in the Guardian, the Torygraph and the Times - I really liked Sue Marsh's posting on her Diary of a Beneft Scrounger blog.

Today is the start of National Braille Week - the dedicated website has lots of Braille facts and games.  

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